Nordtec: Who we are

Nordtec was founded in 2015 by Fire Service instructors eager to source ‘hard to find’ items that they had found to perform the best in their respective fields. 

Frustrated by unnecessary and restrictive procurement processes, we offer items that can be directly ordered on our website.

Nordtec is owned and run by industry professionals who actually use the items we sell both in training and operationally.

Industry Standard Products

Through industry links and extensive research and development we can now offer items by Swedish manufacturers Brage, Sunread and Granqvists as well as items by Holik.

So whether you are buying items for personal use or for your workforce, our superb customer service will ensure you get the items you want, when you need them. If there are any items or products you can’t find, our staff will do their best to source what you’re after.

We hope you enjoy and appreciate the quality items we offer and feel reassured by our commitment to the protection and performance of you and your staff that our products offer.

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Sunread: Innovative Glasses

Sunread’s innovative combination of safety, sun and reading glasses are a truly unique concept that meets a number of needs both in recreational, training and operational situations. Sunread’s range of innovative bifocal sunglasses with high optical quality are used by industry specialists for their protective qualities.

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